The EU Generalised Scheme of Preferences expires in:








The GSP is a fantastic development tool. It has proven to help developing countries to become more competitivereduce poverty, build their domestic industries, increase employment and improve good governance. The clock is ticking, as the current scheme will lapse at the end of the year and little time will be left for the sporting goods industry to adapt its supply chains to the potential changes brought by the new scheme before it enters into force. 12 months of lead time is required to ensure predictability and a smooth transition.

About GSP

The EU’s GSP removes import duties from products coming into the EU market from vulnerable developing countries. It comprises three arrangements:

Standard GSP

Standard GSP for low and lower-middle income countries


GSP+: a special incentive arrangement for sustainable development and good governance

Everything But Armed (EBA)

EBA (Everything But Arms): the special arrangement for least developed countries (LDCs), providing them with duty-free, quota-free access to the EU market for all products except arms and ammunition

Social benefits of GSP

GSP reduces poverty


Indonesia managed to cut its poverty rate in half in the past 20 years

Over 47 million Pakistanis have escaped poverty between 2001 and 2018

In India, +90M people were lifted out of extreme poverty (2011 > 2016)

GSP encourages countries to ratify international conventions

GSP+ countries

27/27 conventions ratified

Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Philippines, Pakistan

GSP countries

26/27 conventions ratified


25/27 conventions ratified

India, Vietnam *


GSP strengthens EU Trade relations with developing countries


1st trading partner


2nd trading partner

Sri Lanka

3rd trading partner

GSP countries are important for the Sporting Goods Industry


Apparel export to the EU


76.1% (#1)


69.1% (#1)

Sri Lanka

49.4% (#1)

Source : DG Trade, GSP Hub and World Bank

* Vietnam has left the GSP Scheme on 1st January 2023


Footwear export to the EU


13.4% (#2)

Vietnam *

9.7% (#2)


7.9% (#5)


“The GSP is the crown jewel of EU trade policy and has successfully contributed to eradicating poverty in developing countries.

Manuel Pauser

Vice President Global Government Affairs at adidas

It is urgent that the Parliament and the Council adopt the EU proposal to extend the GSP, in order to ensure continuity and prosperity both for the beneficiary countries and businesses

Jérôme Péro

General Secretary, FESI