FESI Manifesto for the 2024 EU elections

FESI playbook : shaping the future European policy agenda

As we approach the EU elections of 2024, FESI recognises the critical role that policymakers play in shaping the future of the sporting goods sector. With this understanding, FESI is proud to present its manifesto, which outlines key recommendations aimed at fostering innovation, sustainability, and growth within the industry. In a rapidly evolving global landscape, where sport serves as a unifying force, FESI’s manifesto underscores the importance of collaborative efforts between industry stakeholders and policymakers to ensure a thriving environment for sports and physical activity across Europe. Through this manifesto, FESI seeks to engage with policymakers, advocating for policies that not only support the industry’s economic vitality but also promote the well-being of European citizens through increased access to quality sporting goods and active lifestyles.

Key Recommendations

Corporate Responsability

Ensure harmonisation and reduce administrative burdens & inconsistencies between legislations

Product Compliance

Explore the merits of digital labelling as an alternative to traditional physical labels


Conclude ongoing trade negotiations and open discussions with potential new trade partners


Prioritise more robust and binding measures for IP protection online


Encourage the development of safe and sustainable sport infrastructures across Europe


The ‘FESI Playbook’ is a testament to our commitment to shaping a resilient and dynamic future for the sporting goods industry in Europe. By building policies that benefit both EU companies but also priorise the well-being of consumers, we can collectively contribute to a future where sustainability, innovation, and economic growth harmoniously coexist”.

Neil Narriman

FESI President

“I fully endorse the FESI manifesto for the EU elections. Its dedication to promoting active lifestyles and advancing inclusivity in sport resonates deeply with my longstanding efforts in the European Parliament. By championing these recommendations, we not only foster healthier communities but also reinforce the fundamental principles of equality and opportunity across Europe”.

MEP Tomasz Frankowski

Co-chair of the European Parliament Sport group