FESI, together with nine industry associations, is joining forces in a joint statement on the proposal on Empowering Consumers for the Green Transition. In the paper, we ask the European Parliament and Council to preserve the internal market and take into account the following core messages:

We are in favour of consistency with the ESPR and Substantiating Green claims: Amendments to this legislation should be discussed and evaluated in parallel to the changes discussed in the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation proposal and the future requirements in the Commission’s proposal on Substantiating green claims and on the Right to Repair. The topics largely overlap, we need to shape a robust and clear legal framework where obligations are divided among the different laws and the market and authorities easily know which law to look at for each type of obligation.

We are against a fragmented EU single market: The introduction of a procedure for the mutual recognition of national sustainability labels and national sustainability information tools based on minimum requirements at EU level, as proposed by the Parliament, will lead to a fragmented Single Market. We believe the Single Market should not be weakened but reinforced instead.

We object the introduction of multiple and overlapping sustainability labels: We are concerned that consumers will be exposed to an information overload. Integrating some of the proposed information in the DPP under the ESPR could mitigate this.

See our joint statement here