The Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry ((FESI) fully endorse the need for relevant and consistent information to consumers on how to properly dispose of both the products and their packaging to support the transition towards a circular economy.

In response to diverging national packaging labelling and information requirements, FESI has sent today, together with 57 other European and national organisations, a letter to the European Commission calling for an EU approach for packaging waste-sorting labelling to preserve the free movement of goods within the EU and underpin sustainability measures.

Over the last year, there has been a concerning trend of divergent national packaging labelling and information requirements. This is not only counter to the work underway at EU level of moving towards greater harmonisation of waste collection and sorting, but it is inevitably resulting in major Single Market disruptions and, in turns, undermining Europe’s sustainability goals.

The signatories stress that concrete and urgent action is needed to halt the proliferation of unilateral and divergent national measures. The Commission, as the guardian of the Treaty, must ensure full compliance with the free movement of goods’ principles and take decisive action to prevent or address disproportionate or unjustified measures on unilateral packaging labelling, which undermine the integrity of the Single Market for packaging and packaged goods and the transition towards more sustainable packaging solutions.

Link to the full letter: