FESI welcomes the findings of the two year e-commerce sector inquiry

The European Commission DG Competition has wrapped-up its final two year inquiry of the e-commerce sector. The final reportand the accompanying staff working document largely confirm the preliminary report’s findings of September 2016.

FESI backs the conclusions of the sector inquiry, including the decision of not changing the practices of selective distribution, which have allowed the sporting goods industry under strict criteria to manage their distribution networks and to choose which retailers to engage wtih.

FESI believes that the inquiry presents a balanced overview of the e-commerce practices in Europe. In light of this, and to ensure a consistent interpretation of EU competition rules on e-commerce, the Commission has decided to broaden the dialogue with national competition authorities.

The final review, which FESI has helped to shape, stresses the growing e-commerce trends.  

FESI Secretary General Alberto Bichi shares the Commission’s views “E-commerce is the future of the EU commercial practices and it is of uttermost importance to ensure a sound regulatory framework for all stakeholders as well as the best consumer experience and satisfaction”.

The two year exercise was launched in May 2015 as part of the Commission’s wider Digital Single Market strategy to better understand and improve the functioning of the e-commerce trends within the EU. The inquiry is a result of nearly 1900 companies operating in e-commerce of consumer goods and digital content, while 8000 distribution and license contracts were analysed.