The way ahead for an effective trade environment

Brussels, Belgium – 5 February 2016 – The Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry (FESI) is welcoming the release of the text of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the EU and Vietnam, today.

“FESI is pleased that negotiating parties have taken the proposals of the sporting goods industry into account by integrating measures such as immediate duty removal for most footwear from our sector and an accelerated duty removal schemes for leather sports shoes“ stated FESI Secretary – General, Alberto Bichi. “ We have supported the negotiations throughout the process and are endorsing a rapid implementation process” , he continued.

A fully operative EU-Vietnam FTA will open considerable opportunities in terms of improving services to EU-consumers and in facilitating market access for the European sporting goods industry. Vietnam’s steady economic growth over the last years and its beneficial demographics (over 92 million inhabitants, of which 43% younger than 25 years) make it an attractive developing export market for the EU and the sporting goods sector. Moreover, Vietnam is one of the top sourcing countries for sporting goods world-wide, manufacturing products such as athletic footwear, sports-apparel and sport accessories.