The Annual General Assembly of the Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry, held on the 24th November 2017, elected Frank Dassler as its new President for a two year term of office.  The assembly also endorsed the appointment of a new FESI management team, headed by Jérôme Pero as Secretary General and Youri Mercier, Deputy Secretary General.  

“I am honoured to lead FESI for the next two years. The new team is young, dynamic and together, we are ready to drive FESI as a united force and voice of the sporting goods industry. We have ambitious plans and embrace the new challenges and opportunities ahead,” commented Mr Dassler.

The new leadership will start working on the implementation of a focussed strategic development plan which was endorsed at the General Assembly and which will see the organisation’s strong lobbying position,  become part of moves that will ensure FESI is a proactive, agenda setting actor.

Priorities under the new term will be:

  • To use sport and physical activity as a positive trigger by policy makers to impact evolving consumer behaviours, foster sustainable growth, create skilled jobs, deter protectionism and further social integration and wellbeing;
  • To use FESI’s members and institutional networks to promote sports and physical activity as a key solution to the population’s  growing sedentary life;
  • To become the EU platform of knowledge sharing for all sporting goods actors.

“The motto of the renewed FESI is transparency, modernisation and professionalism. I am confident that this team will succeed in making FESI the front runner for the sporting goods industry in Europe.”, added Dassler.

The Brussels-based FESI Secretariat also informs that Mr Luca Boniolo, policy officer, and Ms Naomi Bar, heading the communication department, will officially join the team in their respective roles as of next year.