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FESI Secretary General talks innovation at the Medica Medicine + Sports Conference

Friday, 18 November, 2016

Brussels, BELGIUM

In its quest to promote research and development, the sporting goods industry applauds interpectoral cooperation.


On the 15th of November, FESI Secretary General attended the 4th Medica Medicine + Sports Conference in Dusseldorf, where together with several internationally renowned sports medicine experts, and industry professionals he represented the vision of the  European sporting goods industry. In the light of the theme entitled “The Future of Sports Medicine in 2030”, Alberto Bichi introduced the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA). This tool directs the future actions for the European Sports Sector towards 2020, especially within the framework of the Horizon 2020 program. The SRIA proposes a mission oriented towards Research & Development that will meet the health, social, environmental and market needs of the industry and the European society at large. Underlining specifically innovation, the agenda identifies several trends that emphasize the multidimensional character of sports and physical activity. Most importantly, the SRIA provides a solution to many societal challenges, including sustainability goals and business creation capacities for SME’s and the public sphere. It does this by highlighting the following components:

  • Innovation in sport, an answer to various health issues
  • Innovation to meet the needs of the evolving sports market
  • Innovation in sport in line with sustainability goals
  • Using data technology and innovation to drive change in the sport market
  • Innovation to  meet the personalized demands of the customers

Within this context and being a strong advocate for cross-sectoral incentives, Alberto Bichi also presented the House of Sport as a facilitator. This initiative was established in September 2015 by several leading organisations in the sport and active leisure sector. Gathering by now 20 sport related partners under one single roof, the organisation serves as a direct hub to the EU by representing the sport sector by working together on projects of common interests by sharing expertise, good practices and costs.

According to Mr. Bichi “Aiming to develop the sport sector and improving the overall health and wellbeing of European societies, is the way forward.  Essential within this process, is to research and explore the multitude of options that sport and physical activities are offering and to encourage innovation which is in line with our economic, social and technological needs”.