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FESI embarks on European economic mission to Iran

Thursday, 27 October, 2016

Brussels, BELGIUM

Together with European Comissioner Bienkowska, FESI Secretary General explores the possbilities for an EU-Iran cooperation.


 First on the left, FESI Secretary General (Alberto Bichi) with the European delegation in Iran.


On the 16th of October,  FESI Secretary General (Mr. Alberto Bichi) joined Ms Bienkowska, Commissioner for Internal Market, Industry Entrepreneurship and SMEs on a three day visit to Iran - with the objective of exploring its economic, industrial and investment opportunities. FESI attended this mission upon invitation of the Commissioner and as a fact-finding action within the framework of the EU 4 Sports Clusters project that it is involved in, as the driving force behind EPSI (The European Platform for Sport Innovation). By exploring trade markets outside of the EU, the EU 4 Sports Clusters Alliance is seeking to foster the internalisation of European firms which still depend largely on their domestic markets despite the opportunities, offered by globalisation at large.

As part of this joint internalisation strategy, the program was characterised by collecting information on business opportunities in Iran. On the first day, this entailed an exchange of views with EU Member States’ economic counsellors on their experiences in trade relations with Iran. On the second day, the participants continued their exploratory journey by visiting several sites such as technology parks, sport apparel factories and industrial facilities. FESI specifically, had the chance to travel out to a number of textile factories in which it gained preliminary insight into Iran’s textile industry, production capacities, manufacturing costs and overall quality of products.

As a concluding remark, FESI Secretary General (Alberto Bichi) comments: “Altogether, the mission was an excellent experience in terms of learning and gathering information. It was a pleasure to get such an introduction to Iranian culture, both on a political and operational level. We are looking forward to learn more on the functioning of Iran’s technology platforms and are excited to pave the way for an established mode of collaboration between the EU and Iran.”