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Committee for Ski and Ski Boots

Chair of the committee: Mr. Rene Harrer, (Director Global Sales & Marketing Ski Division, HEAD)

Vice Chair: Mr. Leon Korosec, (Director of Winter-Sport Division, Elan)

The FESI Committee for Ski focuses on specific ad hoc projects, carried out with the overall consensus of all participating companies.

The statistical research

Each year FESI conducts market research into three components of the ski sector:

  • ski.png
  • ski-brindings.png
  • Ski-boots.png
  • Skis
  • Ski bindings
  • Ski boots

All brands that are members of the FESI Committee for Ski participate in this statistical research, which provides a comprehensive overview of the market and its evolution. In addition, it allows the brands to determine their respective competitive position within this market.

Promotion of Skiing towards children

In collaboration with FIS (the International Ski Federation) FESI and its members companies are continuously promoting the participation of children in Skiing activities. Hence, FESI coordinates the participation of Ski Companies in initiatives such as World Snow Day and Snow Kidz, by setting up multi brands demos at numerous events throughout Europe. FESI is a recognised partner, e.g. through:

Committee for Ski Boots

Chairman of the committee: Mr. Mr. Rene HARRER (Director Global Sales & Marketing Ski Division, HEAD)

Japanese import duties on European ski boots


The Committee for Ski Boots was created in 1997 when FESI was approached by its ski boots producing members in order to address the issue of high Japanese import duties on European ski boots. Since then, FESI has taken on many lobbying initiatives and secured support from national member federations, European governments, the European Commission and Japanese counterparts.


FESI's first step was to raise awareness of this issue and to successfully promote the insertion of this topic on the agenda of the Multilateral DOHA Development Round. Our efforts currently focus on reclassifying ski boots in a more favourable customs nomenclature. As evidence of our commitment, we have addressed proposals to the Japanese government for the re-investment of subsequent financial savings into the domestic winter sector.


Since autumn 2008, FESI has organised important meetings with the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, creating a forum for dialogue between ski boots manufacturers and Japanese authorities.

FESI is now actively representing the Ski Boots and footwear sector within the EU-Japan Free Trade Agreement negotiations and has been quoted in the European Scoping exercises and the Socio-Economic Impact assessment assigned by the European Commission. FESI is a recognised partner, e.g. through: