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Committee for Intellectual Property Rights

Chairman of the committee: Mr. Neil Narriman, (Global Head of IP, Puma)

The contravention of intellectual property rights is a serious crime that has a direct negative effect on European business and European consumers. The European Commission’s best estimate is that the global trade in counterfeits is worth over 400 billion Euro, though nobody can be sure of an exact figure.
What is certain is the importance of a ‘good brand’ to any business.  It can take a long time to build a good brand and years of hard work can be threatened very quickly by illegal brand imitations. FESI is part of an international network that is raising awareness of the seriousness of IPR crime, and which is pressing governments to act in defence of the rights of both European business and European consumers.

Intellectual Property Rights

The IPR Committee experts work closely with the Intellectual Property Rights Unit of DG Trade to ensure that we are on top of all developments affecting the sporting goods sector, particularly in relation to Europe’s dealings with developing countries and how we convince them of the necessity for effective IPR enforcement in their jurisdictions.
FESI is also aware that a substantial trade in counterfeits over the internet has developed and allows for the sale of counterfeits that customs authorities fin impossible to counter. We believe that many online market places have a duty to right holders and consumers, to properly regulate trade on their sites and that substantial steps can easily be taken to ensure that both are sufficiently protected by those who enable this type of trade.
FESI works closely with several international organisations, like the European Brands Association (AIM) and the World Federation of Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI), to ensure that we have a global perspective on our IPR and brand protection issues.

The IPR Committee covers:

  • Monitoring and action to prevent counterfeit imports into Europe.png
  • Combating-internet-based-sales-of-counterfeit-goods.png
  • Protecting-trademark.png
  • Promoting-cooperation.png
  • Monitoring and action to prevent counterfeit imports into Europe
  • Combating internet based sales of counterfeit goods
  • Protecting trademark, design, patent and trade names rights
  • Promoting public-private cooperation against counterfeiting

FESI is a recognised partner, e.g. through:

  • Signature of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) of Sale of Counterfeits Online (European Commission DG GROW);
  • WCO, Interface Public-Members (IPM);
  • European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights;
  • AIM, European Brands Association, Anti-Counterfeiting Committee;
  • European Commission, DG TRADE IPR Dialogues ;
  • European Commission, DG TAXUD Customs right holders and stakeholders group
  • European Parliament Internal Market Committee;
  • European Parliament Legal Affairs Committee