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Committee for Contact with Sports Federations

Chair of the committee:  Mr. Alex Junco, (Attorney, Nike)

Vice Chair: Mr. Robin McCammon (Asset Director – FIFA sports marketing Business Unit Football, adidas) 

The Contact with Sport Federations Committee covers three main areas:

  • Compulsory-licensing-schemes.png
  • kit regulations.png
  • Communication-between-manufacturers-and-sport-federations.png
  • Compulsory licensing schemes

    FESI closely follows changes in the internal rules of sports federations, in order to prevent potential abuses of dominant positions, which have been experienced particularly in the field of compulsory licensing schemes. To facilitate this, FESI has institutionalised regular exchanges of views between sports federations and sports manufacturers, ensuring the fluid and regular transmission of information and the amicable settling of potentially problematic issues.

  • Kit regulations

    FESI strongly advocates the full harmonisation of European and international kit regulations, especially with regards to forthcoming major sporting events such as FIFA World Cups and the Euro. This level playing field enables manufacturers to maintain efficient levels of production and to keep prices low, while allowing for substantial safety improvements due to further quality guarantees. In this framework, FESI has been collaborating mainly with UEFA and FIFA on the harmonisation of football kit regulations.

  • Communication between manufacturers and sport federations

    FESI has been establishing and fostering continuous communication between sports federations and manufacturers. So far, this has yielded excellent results in terms of establishing clearer understanding between the production and regulatory sides, mainly through information sharing on regulation changes, kit approvals and trademark identification processes.
    In particular, working alongside UEFA, FESI has developed a Goalkeeper Gloves Approval Process, thus reducing the prospect of hampering the use of such products once they are approved.