The House of Sports

This joint initiative was established on 10 September 2015 by several leading organisations in the sport and active leisure sector. It is composed of twenty partners, of which six physical (located at the Avenue des Arts 43) and fourteen non-physical:



  • ACES Europe -European Capitals and Cities of Sport Federation
  • EMCA – European Multisports Club Association
  • EHLA – European Healthy Lifestyle Alliance
  • Sporsora – L’Association des Acteurs de l’économie du sport
  • FEDAS Federation of European Sport Retailers
  • EFCS – European Federation of Company Sports
  • JJIF –  Ju-Jitsu International Federation
  • EC-OE  European Confederation of Outdoor Employers
  • FIM Europe – European Motorcycling Union
  • EFSMA – The European Federation of Sport Medicine Associations
  • ENOS – The European Network of Outdoor Sports 
  • ENAS – The European Network of Academic Sports Services
  • ESSNA – European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance
  • EOG – European Outdoor Group

The partners firmly believe in the benefits of a cross sectorial cooperation as this enables to raise awareness on the benefits of sports and physical activity. This alliance is aiming for an overall development of the sport sector, by sharing and coordinating their strategic goals. As a part of that, the House of Sport will also support charity organizations. 

Altogether, the partners are striving for one common goal –  “To enhance the  relevance of sport and physical activity in all dimensions of our society such as economic, educational, cultural and social ones“.